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You may find that your current accounts have got you working overtime, or that you have some new accounts coming in from multiple directions. Make the most of this very productive and fruitful time. Today be careful about what you eat as your health may not be at its peak. Avoid very spicy or oily food as it may upset your stomach.

Indigestion is highly indicated to trouble most of you so take proper care. Try to eat food that you like which are simple and healthy. You will be back in the peak of health again soon, but for today play it a little safe where food choices are concerned. You continue on in high spirits and with plenty of self-confidence. However, you use this, you will enjoy strong results.

This is a great time to start something completely different or new and to explore new horizons and avenues. Your confidence will propel you forward, and others will be amazed at how magnetic you truly can be. You enjoy spending, perhaps a little carelessly, on items that mean a lot to you.

Scorpio Career

Scorpio can be sentimental and possessive too and as such collecting things can feel comforting. Happiness comes from something new, such as a relationship, baby or career. This week you may face some misunderstanding in your love life. Your partner may fail to fulfill a commitment which may leave you feeling hurt. This however, may not be the right way to react. Opening up the communication channels will help you understand what your partner wants and expects from you. This is a good time to be generous and rewarding in your love life.

This is the perfect week for getting pending work out of the way. However, do not worry as you will get some much needed help from your co workers which will make the job easier for you. Students will do especially well this week as they pass their examinations with flying colours. They might even consider working part time.

Businesspeople need to be careful as your competitors may try to harm your business. You need to work very hard this week. Although you may not receive the level of profits you were hoping for, you should not feel dejected as the coming times will be better. Be patient. This is a good week for those who have been considering buying a vehicle as you are likely to make the right choice. You will be in full control of your life this week. You make some pretty wise choices that help you improve your health. Your eating habits will be much better this week.

A good diet and positive thinking will make a huge difference to your health this week. Be more focused about your health restrictions and make sure that you avoid oily and spicy food at all cost this week.

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Your self-confidence is shining through this month. You feel sure in your skin and grounded in your purpose. What you desire will come to you and people will appreciate your hard work. Love and health are also enduring. On the 17th, as the sun moves into Libra, you may experience some financial loss and be confused about what decision to take.

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You typically make decisions based on instinct or a strong gut reaction. Expert advice may assist. With Mercury in Libra, you maintain a degree of enthusiasm and energy at work that is attractive. On the 23rd, Mercury moves into Scorpio, which can trigger jealousy in others who want what you have. You do not need to hold yourself back to make others feel better. Aquarius Horoscope.

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College going students will be struggling, as the ability to grasp new contents will be diluted with extracurricular activities. Avoid undue complications in investment matters and read the fine print carefully, also you can take an expert advice just to be sure on the genuineness of the contract. A new exciting job offer is on the cards and you may also need to travel out of country for job or business purpose.

Students pursuing management for higher studies will get to work on projects that will help them in shaping up their career. You will get support from your bosses, however be aware of your colleagues as they may try to take undue advantage of your kindness. Your family members will anticipate a lot from you today so be sure to fulfill all their wishes. Love and understanding will prevail at your family front; you and your spouse will enjoy each other's company today.

Scorpio Horoscope Career

Career Horoscope Finance Horoscope Romance Horoscope Health Horoscope The progressive time will take Libras to the cloud nine when it comes to their career, says Scorpio weekly predictions. It gives the business person, the perfect time and a push to get to work seriously and make progress. You are advised to follow up with your sales in the market and expand it more territories. Career-oriented will be satisfied with the work environment of the workplace and will get a good bond shared with their colleagues too.

A student in college will waste time in hanging out on the campus after college hours. This will slowly make your least interested in a study for a time being. This is going to be a comfortable week for your financial life. All your requirements will be fulfilled within time and you would be planning systematically for repayment of loans. This is all because of the good balance you have been keeping in your income and spending. You may incur most of the expenditure for luxurious needs, predicts Scorpio weekly predictions but this will not affect your bank balance if you use some of your savings this time.

This is a very good time for starting new business ventures. Taking a walk on the wild side is fun but dangerous and you should be prepared to face the consequences, advices Scorpio weekly horoscope. Heated arguments are indicated between recently married couples. Make sure you say sorry to each other in the end and patch up like every time. Your health will improve during this month, however, there are chances for some minor health complications, predicts Scorpio weekly horoscope.

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Your strict diet and physical activeness will protect you and let you live comfortably. You may follow simple techniques suggested by experts for health improvement. Mostly, you will tend to look energetic. Stress may cause back pain around the weekends. Doing meditation and prayers will promise healing benefits.

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Pregnant ladies should be regular with their checkups. Career Horoscope Finance Horoscope Romance Horoscope Health Horoscope This month will bring an extraordinary and favorable time for making your professional aspects grow and help you explore the best opportunities for you, says your Scorpio monthly horoscope. Impress your seniors with your productivity and efficiency. People working in the financial sector can get good opportunity.

If you are planning to start any new venture or business partnership, you will get investors for your business. Favorable chances to clear job exams also. This month will bring a good time for job seekers as they are likely to get their first job. Your professional contacts will be a great help in the month of October and will inspire you to make better decisions for your career and job front, say your monthly predictions. This month will see the excellent flow of cash and gain from an unexpected source will leave you in a happy and stable state.

The first two weeks of the month seems to be really good to attain an extra source of income, says your monthly predictions. You will spend your money in a balanced proportion. Purchase of some sort on the luxury and domestic items will be there and your savings will help you to lean on. Keep a note of where you keep your things to avoid mishaps.

Remember, without any financial assistance no investments should be made, says your Scorpio monthly finance horoscope. This month will bring a marvellous time in your love life. For those in a relationship, the extra time you find yourself having this week will allow you to focus on your partner with special attention.