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Craft your public image and be aware of how you come across to others — especially those people in positions of power, authority and influence who can open doors for you. This week also sees Venus and Ceres conjunct the South Node in your 10 th.

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The Sun and Neptune ask you to follow insight when it comes to this on the 7 th — the same day Mercury finally exits retroshadow. Move forward with confidence and in a big way now, Aries. In a nutshell: Jupiter arrives in your 10 th of career, reputation and status. Carve yourself a niche at the top now, Aries. And big up those ambitions.

Cancer Next Week Horoscope

How others see you is set to change your view of success. Over 18 back then? Think about the opportunities you were offered to travel, expand your knowledge or move into a bigger life experience. Did you accept? Restrictions fall away with Jupiter in here.

Freedom forms part of your destiny now. Watch how what has held you back is replaced by a new structure which offers you room to move and to pursue your potential. For more on this see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site. Destiny has a role to play in this.

We have intense planetary weather in your 9 th as along with Jupiter there is Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and your ruler Venus as well as the South Node. You have a choice or a decision to make now to move towards a bigger love or freedom on some level as both Venus and Ceres meet the South Node this week. This could well revolve round renegotiating a key relationship as Mercury moves out of retroshadow in your 7 th.

All about leo

Others could enter into one which promises the kind of heart-starting journey they are now seeking. This week asks you if you dare to dream of something bigger and better for yourself. And having dreamt it, take that crucial step towards it with confidence and inspiration fuelling you as the Sun in your 8 th strikes Neptune in your 11 th. Things much change for the better. Set it in motion now, Taurus. In a nutshell: Claim your freedom!

Travel, learning and opportunity ask you to engage change. Dream a bigger dream now. Jupiter in your 8 th from the 2 nd expands the planetary potential in your house of what you share — and what is shared with you in return. This also includes mortgages and loans. Being in a position to take on bigger responsibilities is one benefit Jupiter can bring you in here. Or you may be looking at a better paying job or promotion. For more on what Jupiter in here can deliver, please see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site.

This week sees ruler Mercury finally clear retroshadow in its ruling 6 th in your chart. Enter into these in the spirit of a true partnership and sharing. Ask what you bring to the table in return for what is on offer for you.

Know the result you want — and also know where to compromise in both love and career for success, Gemini. In a nutshell: Expect serious results, Gemini. Jupiter in your 8 th shines on career factors and joint undertakings. Share and receive the benefits of what is shared with you.

Generosity rules now. Your opposite number will feature whether you are single or settled and you could be offered more than one partnership dynamic to explore and benefit from. For more on this, please see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site. You are entering a period between now and the end of January where the dynamic between you and a key person — that opposite number, is likely to change. With Saturn and Pluto in here as well as the South Node, timing and destiny play a major role.

Venus of course rules this sector of your chart. It and then Ceres will meet the South Node on the 3 rd and the 8 th. Balance and compromise could usher in a new and better deal for you and that other party. Just be aware however, that if something is broken, time is now up on it. Jupiter always wants us to experience a bigger lesson — often by freeing us. Mercury exits retroshadow in your 5 th of romance so if you are seeking a new love, you now have a green light to start that search again.

How good are you feeling about yourself? If we want to expand any area of our lives we need to feel we are up to the task.


Your Weekly Astrology Video 2nd December 12222 – Massive Changes!

Get fit for love this week, Cancer. In a nutshell: Let in the higher, bigger love experience now Cancer! Jupiter in your 7 th this week wants to expand your ideas around what love can be. Time to get fit for love whether single or settled! Work it now, Leo. Jupiter enters your house of your day job paid or unpaid , routine and health and wellbeing on the 2 nd. Jupiter will bring in new work, study or job opportunities. When it comes to study especially courses that can be completed within the year Jupiter occupies this classroom in your chart.

Above all, Jupiter in here acts as Dr. Boosting your energy levels and also offering you fantastic opportunities to embrace a more healthy lifestyle which allows you to do all the things you want to do.

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These could even begin to open up this week if you yourself are open to making new choices around exercise, diet or just escaping that dull routine. Has something become more of a treadmill than anything else? Mercury which rules your 6 th escapes retroshadow in your 4 th while Venus and then Ceres conjunct the South Node also in your 6 th. Making your living space more energising and also cooking and eating differently in ways which support your body sustain you to go after those dreams. Jupiter in here should deliver at least one job opportunity, new project or promotion during its gap year in here.

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And yes, that could be one way you shake up that routine. Jupiter above all does not do ruts. It offers escape routes. See you personal Jupiter forecast for more. Ruler the Sun still in your 5 th tightly aspects Neptune in your 8 th. This could highlight something which needs to change. But you were unaware of before. Work it. Love and support that body, Leo. Bring on the big love now, Virgo!